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Investment Blog – March 2018

For my blog in March, I wanted to cover common ratios used to evaluate investment properties. After my last post, I had several questions, so I thought I would break these down.

First, it is worth covering the four benefits to owning real estate.
The first is the most obvious, cash.

How Can You Ensure Your New Home Is Well-Built?

As the price of materials and labor rises, along with buyers’ expectations for the finer amenities in new homes, builders are tempted to sacrifice quality and cut costs on the structure of a newly constructed home.  Unfortunately, builders know that buyers typically do not think to ask how their new

Flood Insurance vs Water Damage

Some would say that the weather has been the worst they have seen in years. It can be alarming to turn on the news and hear about cities being flooded and homes being destroyed by heavy rain and tropical storms. As a homeowner, it is important to understand what is

VA Loans: Benefit or Burden?

VA loans are a largely misunderstood loan product. Operating a real estate firm in the Manhattan area, I encounter VA loans frequently. VA loans are commonly referred to as a military ‘benefit,’ but oftentimes they do nothing but burden the borrower for years to come.

Before we talk about the pros

Understanding Special Taxes

When buying a new home, consumers are often confronted with an added monthly expense of special assessments that are connected to the title of their home. In most major cities where there is a lot of new development, special assessments are quite common, and in fact, are quite popular. Understanding