Firearms, Ammunition, Coins, Hummels, & Miscellaneous Antiques

Stan & Janell Ralph

Saturday July 31st @ 10:00am

7003 Tuttle Creek Boulevard, Manhattan, Kansas 66502

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Join us Saturday July 31st @ 10:00am for a well put together auction consisting of Firearms, Ammunition, Coins, Hummels, & much more! With a sale of this caliber there is sure to be something for everybody!

Approximately 200 Hummels will be sold along with misc. knives, swords, and more!

Firearms: Parker & Hale 308 Winchester, Savage M-720 12ga, Conn Valley 59cal. Black Powder, Hunter Black powder Object Launcher, Starleader .410ga, Winchester M 190 .22auto, ASS Made in Turkey 12ga pump, Winchester single shot .22cal, Glenfield M60 .22 Auto, American Arms 28ga, Wingmaster370 20ga, Springfield M15 .22, Noble M40A 16ga, Smith & Wesson M1000 20ga auto, Mossberg 500A 12ga w/extras, Mossberg 500CL 20ga, JC Higgins M20 16ga, Benelli Nova 12ga, Long Tom 12ga pat. 1913, Conn Valley Arms 50cal. Hawkins, Beretta 12ga over under, Mossberg 500 12ga, Revelation 30-30, China Over Under 12ga, JC Higgins M585 20ga, Mossberg & Sons M190 16ga, Winchester M290 .22cal semi auto, White Powder Wonder 20ga, M12 AK 12ga auto, Win M37 12ga, Central Arms 12ga double barrel, Mossberg 500AB, Phoenix Arms .22, Marlin M15 .22 single shot, J Stevens 12ga (wall hanger), Rossi .410/.22cal, Sears & Roebuck .410 Bolt Action, Heritage .22 .22mag, Remington .22auto Brown Diamond M66, Ruger. 22 single six

Ammunition: 77rd box of 12ga, 99rd box of 12ga, 100rd box of 12ga, 13x boxes of 12ga – 25rd per box, 8x boxes of 12ga -25per box, 2x boxes of 16ga – 25 per box, 5 boxes of 220 swift, 1x 10rd box of 220 swift.

Miscellaneous & Antiques: Red Wing plates, 2 Stihl chain saws, copper boiler w/lid, wooden washing machine (barrel style), cedar chest, bongo drums, miscellaneous knives, metal detector, western paperback novels, Coca-Cola collectables, hunting club books, duck photos, various plates, Dragon statues (x7), Cannon, Presidential pewter figurines w/case & books, table saw, leg/shoulder drill, occupied Japan vases, old light fixtures, ornate shoe shine box, old crank seeder, wooden folk art semi w/ trailer, wooden crates, Poulan chain saws (x2), Lincoln logs w/box, 23+- pop bottles, Llardo figurines, wooden rocking chair, Adirondack loveseat, Red Wing chicken waterer, swords (10+-), Holsters (7+-), gun books, globe w/stand, sword w/stand, oriental figurines (occupied Japan), 15 mallard decoys w/bag, heart shaped silver ring holder, misc. gun cases & sleeves, anchor, cherry pitter, vases (made in Japan), musical figurines, camel foot stool, brown bottle, canvas mail sorting bag, mini wood lathe, wooden high chair, Budweiser mugs, more items not listed!

Coins: Wooden nickels (x4), 1886 Morgan, 1776-1976 Kennedy, 1922 Peace Dollar, 1904 Morgan, 1936 F Buffalo Nickel, 1923 O Peace Dollar, 1952 P Franklin, 1961 D Franklin (uncirculated), 1954 D Franklin, 1957 Franklin, 1894 O Morgan, 1897 Morgan, 1879 Morgan, 1921 Morgan, 1880 S Morgan, 1901 O Morgan, 1896 Morgan, 1910 V Nickel, 1937 F Buffalo Nickel, 1937 Buffalo Nickel, 1930 Buffalo Nickel, 1973 D Kennedy, LCF Lancing Token, 2008 Arizona Quarter, 1939 Jefferson Nickel, 1956 Proof Jefferson Nickel, 2005 P Jefferson, 1987 Uncirculated Jefferson, 1939 Jefferson, 1903 O Morgan, 1901 O Morgan, 1935 Peace Dollar, 1922 Peace Dollar, 1926 D Peace Dollar, 1893 Indian Head Penny, 1860 IHP, 1859 IHP, 1889 IHP, 1962 D Franklin, 1957 Franklin, 1960 Silver Paso, 1958 Silver Paso, 1960 Silver Paso, 1953 D Franklin, 1921 Morgan, 1900 Morgan, 1909 S Lincoln Cent, Missouri Sales tax tokens (x2), 1971 D Kennedy (x2), 1972 D Kennedy, 1776-1976 Kennedy, 1971 Kennedy, 1776-1976 Kennedy, 1971 D Kennedy, 1971 D Kennedy, 1976 Ike Dollar, 1978 Ike Dollar, 1972 Ike Dollar, 1971 Ike Dollar, 1922 Peace Dollar, 1922 S Peace Dollar, 1922 S Peace Dollar, 1923 S Peace Dollar, 1923 D Peace Dollar, 1921 Peace Dollar, 1927 D Peace Dollar, 1922 D Peace Dollar, 1922 Peace Dollar, 1925 Peace Dollar, 1922 D Peace Dollar, 1974 D Ike Dollar, 1974 Kennedy Dollar, 1935 Buffalo Double Die, Lancing Correctional Token, 1971 D Kennedy, 1971 D Kennedy, 1995 D Kennedy, 1776-1976 Kennedy, 1944 Mercury Dime, 1944 D Mercury Dime, 1925 Mercury Dime, 1937 Mercury Dime, 1935 Mercury Dime, 1929 Mercury Dime, 1934 Mercury Dime, 1941 Mercury Dime, 1936 Mercury Dime, 1937 D Mercury Dime, 1918 Mercury Dime, 1935 Mercury Dime, 1919 Mercury Dime, 1944 Mercury Dime, 1942 D Mercury Dime, 1945 Mercury Dime, 1936 Mercury Dime, 1037 D Mercury Dime, 1967 Kennedy, 1776-1976 Kennedy, 1998 D Kennedy, 1973 D Kennedy, 1969 D Kennedy, 1945 D Mercury Dime, 1971 D Kennedy, 1974 Kennedy, 1971 D Kennedy, 1977 D Kennedy, 1974 D Kennedy, 1776-1976 Kennedy, 1968 D Kennedy, 1968 D Kennedy, 1974 D Kennedy, 1971 D Kennedy, 1886 Morgan, 1923 Peace Dollar, 1974 D Ike Dollar (x2), 1972 D Ike Dollar, 1776-1976 Ike Dollar, 1776-1976 D Ike Dollar, 1776-1976 D Ike Dollar, 1909 Liberty Nickel, 1889 Morgan, 1901 O Morgan, 1892 O Morgan, 1900 O Carson City Morgan, 1888 S Morgan, 1921 Morgan, 1903 S Morgan, 1889 O Morgan, 1879 Carson City Morgan, 1900 O Morgan, Indian Head Pennies (sheet of 20), Lincoln Wheat Pennies (sheet of 20, one steel penny mixed in), Buffalo & Victory Nickels (sheet of 20), Roosevelt Dimes (Sheet of 13), Lincoln Wheat memorial pennies (sheet of 20), 9-11 commemorative set (set of 3), Standing Liberty Book (17 total), Presidential Hall of Fame (x36), State Quarters (x50), Presidential 1st – 16th set, Jefferson Nickel Book 36-61 full, North American Hunt Club Coins (full), 1928 Peace Dollar book, Iraq Map and Money, 6 Wheat Pennies, 7 Wheat Pennies, 5 Wheat Pennies, 6 Buffalo Nickels, 8 Buffalo Nickels, 8 Buffalo Nickels, 20 Buffalo Nickels, 19 Buffalo Nickels, 4 Wheat Pennies, 8 Memorial Pennies, Memorial Pennies, 8 Memorial Pennies, 19 Buffalo Nickels, 6 Buffalo Nickels, 6 Steel War Pennies (x3 groups of 6), 6 Indian Head Pennies, 6 uncirculated Jefferson Nickels, 6 Jefferson Nickels, 8 Jefferson Nickels, 2001 Philadelphia & Denver Set, 2000 Philadelphia & Denver Set, 2001 Philadelphia Only, American Revolution 6 Set, 25 Antique Car Coins (set), State Quarters (Susan B. Anthony Sheet), Foreign Coins (x5), Foreign Coins (two groups of 6), 17 Wheat pennies (40’s & 50’s), State Quarters (x54), 1776-1976 half dollars (x10), 5x state and 1876-1976 quarters, 1940-1945 Mercury Dimes, 50 & 100 Rupeeo, 20 Yen Military, 5 Japanese Paso, 1000 Lire, 2xds 50 Paso Argentine, 10 & 20 Polski, 6x Foreign coins, 7x Foreign Coins, Koiieek bill, Denmark Bill, Mexicanos Bill, Canadian and Kennedy Coins, 1789 & 1989/ 39 presidents coin, 8 Koiieek Coins, 5x $1.00 Star Notes, 4×1957 Red Seal $2.00 bills, 5x 1957 Silver Certificates, $5.00 FRN Large Note, 1935 A Hawaiian Silver Certificate, 1899 Black Eagle Silver Certificate, 1923 Silver Certificate (Large Note), 1849 Bank of the United States $1,000.00 (Possible Counterfeit), 5x Liberty Head Nickels, 5x Buffalo Nickesl, 5x V Nickels, 5x Buffalo Nickels, 5x V Nickels, 5x Buffalo Nickels, One Roll of Centennial Half Dollars, 5x V Nickels, 5x Buffalo Nickels.

Seller: Stan & Janell Ralph

Auctioneer: Morgan Riat, 785-458-9259

Auctioneer: Jim Williamson

Location: 7003 Tuttle Creek Boulevard, Manhattan, KS 66503

Date & Time: Saturday, July 31st @10:00am

Directions: Go West approximately 6.5 miles from the HWY. 24/HWY 13 intersection.

Lunch will be on grounds

Terms of Sale: All items to be sold to the highest bidder except in the case of a reserve price set on the item by the seller. Auctioneer has no obligations to disclose reserve prices. Any and all absentee bids will be taken only if approved by Auctioneer. Foundation Realty reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. All items are sold as is where is with absolutely NO implied warranties. Buyers are responsible for their property when Auctioneer says “sold”. Buyers must have their own government issued ID at time of registration. All announcements on the day of sale take precedence over advertising. Foundation Realty Represents the seller.

Terms of Payment: All payments to be made before items are removed from the premises. Payments will be made in cash or with valid check. Any and all titles will be mailed out no sooner than 10 business days after the auction UNLESS buyer pays in full in cash the day of the auction. Any and all returned checks shall result in an additional service fee of $50.00. Foundation Realty DOES NOT accept credit cards or electronic payment of any sort.

We will be getting your Name, Age, Address, & Drivers License Number Before you leave the auction with your firearm.

To purchase a firearm at a Foundation Realty Auction:
1.) You understand that under federal and state laws, you must be 18 years or older to purchase a long rifle, shotgun, or ammunition.
2.) You must be 21 years of age to purchase handguns.
3.) You may not be a convicted felon, or a fugitive from justice.
4.) You may not have any outstanding warrants.
5.) You may not be an unlawful user of, or be addicted to, any controlled substances.
6.) You may not be adjudicated as mental defective or committed to a mental institution.
7.) You must legally be able to possess a firearm in the State of Kansas and the United States of America.
8.) You may not have been dishonorably discharged from any branch of the United States Armed Forces.
9.) You must not be an illegal alien, be in the United States unlawfully, or be admitted under a non-immigrant visa.
10.) You must be a legal resident of the State of Kansas.

Firearms are to be stored off site at a secure location.