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Neighborhood news is Foundation Realty's newest video blog. Tune in to hear Terry Robinson as he interviews Brad Claussen about code services in Manhattan KS! ... Read more

Neighborhood news is Foundation Realty's newest video blog. Tune in to hear Sarah Pfannenstiel, owner of Black Dog Properties, and David Renberg, broker of Foundation Realty discuss the local rental market, and what to expect in the area. ... Read more

For my blog in March, I wanted to cover common ratios used to evaluate investment properties. After my last post, I had several questions, so I thought I would break these down. First, it is worth covering the four benefits to owning real estate. The first is the most obvious, cash. People pay you cash above and beyond your expenses (hopefully!) to live in the property you own. The second is principal reduction ... Read more

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25 Jun 2015

Today's listing is a great investment close to the KSU fieldhouse. Listed at $210 with a full basement, this property is a nice investment. The good: This property is in a great location, and is sound from all angles. No major deferred maintenence with lots of space to rent The bad: This property is not yet rented for next year. This means that you may have to take a hit year one just to get it occupied. W ... Read more

Today’s highlight is a single family home VERY close to campus (courtesy of Coldwell Banker Realty Group 1). It has 4 bedrooms, will undoubtedly have no vacancy if managed correctly. It is currently a single family home, but I am calculating to convert it into a 2-unit property in order to capitalize on rents. Rents are calculated at $1,800 with $15,000 in up-front remodel costs. Click here to view the MLS ... Read more