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    Our Philosophy

    All real estate agencies are faced with a major hiring dilemma; ‘how selective should we be?’ A company can hire many people, spend less time and money on each agent, and have higher turnover. This has proven to be very effective for many agencies, and is not a bad model. Those that are cut out for real estate make it, and those who aren’t don’t.

    Here at Foundation Realty, though, we have decided to take a different approach. We believe that being very selective in hiring agents, and investing much in our agents is the best model for us. For this reason, we do not hire everyone who interviews, but those who are hired receive high-quality training, subsidized start-up costs, an actionable marketing plan, and an available, knowledgeable, and fun team supporting you every step of the way.

    For those seasoned agents, we work hard to provide opportunities, and value their expertise. We want want what is best for who we hire, and have formed all of our processes  and compensation plans around that end.

    Our Hiring Process

    Here at Foundation Realty, we first look at the character of an individual, and then we look at skill.

    We are a deliberately small team of selectively chosen agents. We believe that sales can be taught, but character can not. We want our team to exemplify our core values: integrity, excellence, and kindness.

    We also place high value on our team cohesiveness, we like to have fun together! Any new additions are agreed on by the entire team.

    A typical interview process starts with an interview with the broker, and goes on from there.

    If we sound like a team you would enjoy working with, whether you are a new or seasoned agent, please don’t hesitate to reach out.