Selling Your Home

No agent has a magic wand that can make buyers appear and they shouldn’t make claims that seem to imply such. We here at Foundation Realty pride ourselves on communicating effectively about what sells a home. In addition, we strive to provide services that increase the chances of selling your home. The only things that can affect the sale of a home are exposure, presentation, and price. We also believe that a fourth category is crucial to the successful sale of a home: communication. These things, and these things alone, are in an agent’s control; the market will sell the home from there.


The first aspect of selling a home is exposure. Our goal is to get your home as much exposure as possible to increase the chance of a favorable sale. Foundation Realty uses a variety of methods including direct mail, open houses, yard signs, and most of all, the Internet to ensure wide exposure of your home to potential buyers. The National Association of Realtors® reports that 92% of buyers use the Internet in some way during their home search. As a result, Foundation Realty allocates a large portion of advertising funds toward exposing our properties online, and tends to spend much less on other forms of exposure. We believe that online exposure is the best use of funds for our listings.


The second aspect of selling a home is presentation. We make a point to present our properties better than anyone else with high quality images that showcase the unique character and life of your home. In addition to this, we want the answers to buyers’ questions to be easily found, so we strive to provide a complete MLS listing. We also maintain complete listing information on other websites to enhance exposure. Full information on both the MLS as well as other websites is crucial to keeping the buyers’ attention.


The final aspect of selling a home is price. We have to list a home at the right price. If we price a home too high, no one will be interested. The home will sit until it has high days on the market; we will not meet any of our expected time lines; and ultimately, you will get less for your money. If we price a home too low, you just left money on the table. In order to effectively price a home, we form a price opinion through a robust evaluation method. We provide evaluations not only to those looking to sell immediately, but also to those who are just curious about the value of their home.


The last aspect of selling a home is communication. When searching for a realtor in Manhattan, KS we want you to know that you will be well-informed at each step of the process when selling your home. We not only promise to provide excellent exposure, presentation, and pricing of your home, we also promise to provide excellent communication. We never want you to feel forgotten or out of the loop.