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18 Dec 2020

At Foundation Realty we focus on providing you with the most profitable and least stressful auction experience possible. Everyone at some point in their life has lost a loved one. After your loved one has passed, you may find yourself in charge of all their possessions or real estate. What do you do now? The auction process and selling of real estate can be a bit of a roller coaster, so buckle up! Luckily, at Foundation Realty our Auction Business can guide you through every part of the rollercoaster ride. As your auctioneer I will have three goals from start to finish. Those goals are to be efficient, effective, and profitable.


         On the efficiency spectrum we want to make sure that we are looking at things from all angles. We want to set ourselves up on an attainable but reasonable timeline. On average, we typically try to have three to five weeks of good solid advertising before the sale. This means we’ll need about five to six weeks before the auction to get quality photos as well as an inventory list of all items.


         When we use the word effective we are referring to everything that will keep the auction moving in the right direction. A big part of being effective is advertising. From design to facilitation, Foundation Realty will take care of the advertising for your auction. We have a fabulous in-house designer, and they know how to make every design effective to really stand-out from other advertising.


         Profitable doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in the big money from an auction. It can also mean not having the sale at all. When we start working together, I will be completely candid and honest with you. My main goal in this auction business is to make every customer happy, while still having a profitable auction for you. If that means losing potential business because I don’t think we can be profitable for you due to lack of merchandise, or other circumstances, I will be candid and upfront with you. We are in this process together, and we want the same goals.

         Handling an Estate or holding an auction of any sort can definitely be a stressful challenge. If you think it may be time for your auction or you have an estate to disperse feel free to call me today! We can strategize together, and tackle your situation efficiently, effectively, and keep it profitable for everyone!

~ Morgan Riat

Auctioneer/Realtor® – (785)458-9259

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