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To some, being handcuffed and locked behind bars in a small room may sound like the consequences of a social hour gone seriously awry. For seven other real estate agents and myself, it proved to be a fun team-building event. While the agents at Foundation Reality do enjoy our social

Manhattan Matters with Meitler – State of the City

The City of Manhattan has had a very busy and productive year. I had the opportunity to attend the State of the City Address Power Lunch with Ron Fehr, Manhattan City Manager, on February 11, 2020. This meeting was well attended and very informative.

How many Manhattanites have been concerned with

Neighborhood News: Episode 6

Did you miss our explainer video on lending? For this month’s video blog, we encourage you to revisit this excellent and short explainer video!

Neighborhood News: Episode 2

Neighborhood news is Foundation Realty’s newest video blog. Tune in to hear Terry Robinson as he interviews Brad Claussen about code services in Manhattan KS!

Neighborhood News: Episode 1

Neighborhood news is Foundation Realty’s newest video blog. Tune in to hear Sarah Pfannenstiel, owner of Black Dog Properties, and David Renberg, broker of Foundation Realty discuss the local rental market, and what to expect in the area.

Investment Blog – March 2018

For my blog in March, I wanted to cover common ratios used to evaluate investment properties. After my last post, I had several questions, so I thought I would break these down.

First, it is worth covering the four benefits to owning real estate.
The first is the most obvious, cash.

Investment Highlight 4-4-2017


Today’s highlight is brought to you by David Renberg, listing courtesy of Foundation Realty.

1014 Bluemont is an exceptionally close to campus investment property. It is a converted tri-plex with all modern plumbing and electrical, as well as modern mechanical units. All three units are on separate HVAC. There are three: