FAQ of the Week: Are Renovations worth it? Which ones?

23 Oct 2020

Are renovations worth it? Which ones?

When getting ready to list, light renovations are definitely worth it, but with one caveat: If you can afford it! We would never insist on modifications, to a property we are going to list, if the seller could not afford it. That said, there are some inexpensive things can really boost the sale price of a home. Inexpensive things that can help immensely would be paint, door and cabinet hardware, modern light fixtures, etc. The best advice we can give is to attempt to look at your home through ‘buyers eyes”. Think like a buyer, not a seller. Are there any deferred maintenance items? Are there any cosmetic items that could be easily addressed? The less you rely on a buyers vision and excess funds to invest in the home, the better!

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