Liquid Arts Wine and Yoga Night

4 May 2020

This is a must! Grab a friend or come by yourself and meet a new friend!

I’ve wanted to attend a wine and yoga night since I moved to Manhattan a couple years ago. I recently began working with a new real estate agent, Sarah Haxton. We were discussing things to do in Manhattan, and I saw an advertisement on Facebook for the Liquid Arts Wine and Yoga Night . We decided to give it a try.

The location is amazing! Leading off Scenic Drive, a gravel road takes you past wooded areas and a few homes to a vineyard on top of a hill. The day had just turned to dusk when I arrived, and the view was incredible. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Inside, were an inviting fire in the large stone fireplace, round tables, and ample seating. There was a bar area where you could taste wines or order a glass. It was so nice visiting with my new friend and learning more about her and her family.

Once we finished our wine, we headed into the yoga room, a large rectangular-shaped room with soft music playing. The front wall was made up of windows overlooking the vineyard. By the time we entered the yoga room, it was dark outside. The windows reflected the soft glow from candles that had been placed on the floor in rows. Better still, there was an amazing sunset that evening that was breathtaking! Our yoga mats were rolled out between the rows of candles. Everyone spent a few minutes getting settled, stretching out on their mats while visiting with friends or the person next to them. I spoke with my neighbor and she was the sweetest lady. She was a bit older than I am, but could touch her forehead to the floor without bending her legs. She was freakin’ flexible! It was going to take a lot more wine before I could do that!

Speaking of, I found out that we could have wine glasses next to our mats during our practice. After every three or four poses, the instructor encouraged us to take a sip or two. Maybe though it was a good thing I didn’t have a glass with me during the yoga session. Have you tried to “sip” anything while in downward dog?  Well the lady next to me could! We yoga-ed (yes, I know that’s not a word) for about an hour and it felt great! I nearly fell asleep during my favorite pose—corpse pose. Okay, maybe, I had more than one glass before the session started.

After the yoga session, I visited more with Sarah and my new friend next to me. My new friend invited me to a studio she attends regularly called Chapter 5 Yoga, located Downtown in the Blue Earth Plaza. She said it is a donation-based studio. I plan to visit this studio very soon.  

I really enjoyed the Liquid Arts Wine and Yoga Night, and I will certainly be visiting again! But next time, I’ll know to take a wine with me into the session!

Until next time!

Barb Meitler

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