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Cold Buyer Follow Up

Action Plan for Cold Buyer Follow-up


This is my Cold Buyer Follow-up system. I’ve encouraged everyone in the past to use the 10 days of pain system, which I do like but if you talk to some research-oriented lead generating sites, they kind of give you conflicting information. I’m part of the Dave Ramsey CLP endorsed local provider program and they basically say that “they have surveyed 1000s of people, and the kind of arc of client satisfaction doesn’t get over the hump until they’ve been contacted seven times within the first 24 hours.” Because they have surveyed every single client who signs up for their program, were you contacted, how many times were you contacted…And then how did you feel about how this whole process went. Basically, they found it took the people who were more than six times being contacted in a 24-hour period before they started to be unhappy with that process.

Do what works for you

That has not been my personal experience, but that’s what research-oriented lead generating sites are saying. Meanwhile, taking into account that five-minute 80% conversion rate versus 10-minute 5% conversion ratio that we talked about before. Zillow reports they have a whole follow up worksheet where they say, don’t call any more than three, or don’t contact them any more than three times within 24 hours, seven times within the first two or three days, and no more than x, y, z. That’s almost the exact opposite of what Dave Ramsey is purporting with their survey results. I would say, don’t not use the 10 days of pain, if that’s something that’s working well for you. But this is kind of where I’ve settled with for anything that’s a cold buyer.

Cold Buyer Action Plan Start

Let’s say you get an email from our website, or somebody who reaches out on our website, or you get an email through Zillow, or a message through Zillow, or if you’re on realtor.com, or homes.com, or what have you I will put them in this first.  This is literally just to get them to respond. I immediately delete all the rest of the tasks once they’ve responded to me and given me any kind of information.

Day One

Day one, I send them an email, I send them a text message, and I give them a phone call. Usually, I start with a phone call. And if they answered, then I let the rest of it be and if they don’t answer, I immediately follow up with an email and a text back-to-back so that way, I got all three contact points. Bing, bang, boom. I will then I let them be for that day.

Day 2-60

You will notice two days in between contact. Day 2 I email them again, day three I will text and call them, day seven I call, day 14 I text, day 21 I call, day 30 I email and so on and so forth. I have found this rhythm to work well for me day. Day 60 I will email, and then on day 65, if they have not responded any of these tasks, then I delete them from my system because they’re obviously not a legitimate lead. I’m not interested in chasing people for years. I would encourage you not put too much weight or gravity on a particular lead if they have not responded after some sort of follow up plan like this

ColdBuyerActionPlan (download)

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